Marching Band

The Marching Band is a service organization to the students, school and community. Typically, the students perform at the home and away games on Friday nights and compete in local, state and out of state competitions on Saturdays.  Practices are held two to three times a week after school and occasionally on Saturday to prepare the students for these activities.  Students also perform/march at parades and assemblies throughout the fall semester.  The fall semester for the marching band students can be very busy, and may challenge your student’s organizational and planning abilities, but is well worth it for the friendships, band experience and musical education/growth!

Symphonic Band

This advanced musical ensemble is a group of select musicians, usually juniors and seniors.  Lower classmen may participate by invite or audition from the band director.  Students wear provided tuxes and dresses.  Any black dress shoe can be worn and the tuxedo shirt must be purchased through the Band Boosters.  Students study the music and transcriptions of the masters along with fine marches, pop selections and contemporary literature.  Symphonic Band performs in concerts, at music festivals throughout Arizona and may tour in the spring. One requirement of Symphonic Band is auditioning for Regionals in the spring semester.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band provides students the opportunity to study and perform music of the “Big Bands” from the 1920’s to the present.The emphasis in this group is to perform the different styles of music(swing, rock, blues, popular) with understanding.Students also learn to improvise their own solos with good technique and understanding.  Usually, the Jazz Band participates in the NAU Jazz Festival, held in February.  Jazz Band is an audition band and auditions are held sometime in May.  Please check the band calendar or contact Harout Boyajian at Boyajian.harout@cusd80.com.


This advanced music ensemble is a group of select musicians.  Students have the opportunity to perform and study the music of percussion composers and arrangers of classical, avant-garde, world/ethnic and contemporary styles of percussion music.  The Percussion Ensemble performs in concerts, at musical festivals throughout Arizona and may tour in the spring.